Blogging, is everyone a writer these days?

Blogging, seems like everyone is doing it these days. All over the internet you can find a blog post on just about anything. But what is blogging and how can business’s make use of this tool?

So what is a blog?

Blogs (originally known as a web log), are described in Wikipedia as “a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web”.  Blogs are fast become a way for people to communicate their thoughts and opinions about anything, where ever they are, whenever they want.

Blogging to me always seemed like diary in a way, but published for the world to see. People were posting random thoughts about their life that had little meaning to me or anything I cared about . I tired to write a diary as a teenager once but fast realised that I didn’t have must to say and my life just wasn’t that interesting, so the idea of blogging never appealed to me. It was not until I started this paper and had to start a blog did I ever think about or look into writing one. But did you know that every time you do a status updated on your social network site or send a tweet, you are in fact microblogging? Yes you too are a blogger whether you knew it or not.

Blogging for business

Businesses can also benefit from blogging. Blogs are a very simple, cost effective way to keep customers up to date on the latest product releases and new developments,  attract new customers, test new market opportunities and build goodwill.

A weekly or monthly blog post is a great tool for communicating with potential and current customers. Blogs can be used to promote current product and features without the sales pitch or hard sell.  As your company is the one writing the blog, it can be written exactly how you want it, without anything being taken out of context. Links to the company website or online store front can be added into the blog for readers to follow should they want to, without any added pressure.

Got a new product idea but not sure if there is a market for it? Write about it in a blog and ask for feedback. You will quickly obtain from your readers if they would be interested in the product should it come to market and what is not working for them. By collaborating early in the design process, costly mistakes can be virtually eliminated.

Not a writer?

If the idea of sitting behind a computer each week to write a blog makes you want to poke your eyes out, there are other options available to someone who wishes to share their voice. With just the use of a camera, you can create a video blog and upload it to video sharing website such as YouTube. If you want to remain anonymous or are camera shy,  a podcast (or audio blog) is another alternative available. With todays Web 2.o technologies, if you have something to say, there is various ways in which you can say it.

So tell me:

Do you have a blog?

Do you read blogs? Are they personal or business blogs?

Have you listened to a podcast?

I await your comments below.

Until next time,



One thought on “Blogging, is everyone a writer these days?

  1. Blogging.
    As a teacher I once got a class to publish their research in a blog. This was a way for them to show their families what they had been doing at school that day. Lots of teachers and classes have blogs which they add to weekly to show off students work and also to inform parents of up coming events in the class. It is a great way to communicate to families but does rely on the families checking the blogs on a regular basis and adding some feedback.

    There are thousands of blogs that teachers can join to discuss issues with other like minded people. At times I read a few comments and have joined in a few discussions but find them very time consuming. There are many more things I enjoy doing rather than sitting in front of a computer chatting to strangers.

    Podcasts. I have listened to a few educational podcasts at times but that is all. I find that if I want to learn how to do something, for example a cake decorating technique, I can usually find a tutorial on you tube that is a lot shorter and has the video to watch as well.


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