Web 2.0 and beyond!

Welcome back!

Web 2.0. I am sure you have all heard the term before but what is it? I discussed a little about what Web 2.0 is in my first blog post but here is a recap.

Web 2.0

We 2.0 is the technology that allows users to share, collaborate and create user generated content on the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 can be viewed as four major, interrelated componesemweb_girlnts: Social media, filtering and recommendations, content sharing and web applications. It is the way we now use the internet to share and connect with others. It is Facebook, Youtube, blogs, Wiki’s, Flicker, Pinterest, , Snapchat, virtual online gaming and much more. We now tag, share, update and like content on a daily basis, all the while sharing with the world information about our private lives. And yet I still wonder, are we sharing too much?

So whats next?

Web 3.0 has been coined as the next “version” of the web and there are five top contenders as to what it may be. While some believed at the start of this decade that it would a Semantic Web, other theories include mobile technologies, the convergence of TV with the internet and new forms of voice and gesture interfaces.

But yet don’t we already have some of these? We now have “Smart TV’s” that you can connect to the internet. Gaming is becoming a lot more real with 3D virtual headsets (such as the Oculus Rift) being developed. Voice recognition is also gaining traction. My partner was playing Alien Isolation on the PS4 a few months ago and just me talking in the background attracted the alien he was hiding from in the game and got him killed (whoops).

But back to this Semantic Web thing

The Semantic Web is a vision that the web will become “machine processable”. While Web 2.0 is very customer driven, Web 3.0 via a Semantic Web will be in the background. The hope is to allow computers to automatically come to conclusions and make decisions for us, to assist us in our day-to-day activities.

Are we heading into the world of Artificial Intelligence?

If you are thinking about movies such as AI and Terminator happening soon don’t worry! Semantic Web is more about adding meaning to the web in such a way that computers can process some of the content for us. Rather than just searching for the information we require, a Semantic Web can look into the meaning of our search criteria to find more relative websites, giving us more accurate information from the start.

Here is a short YouTube Video that I found very useful and is a brief introduction into the Semantic Web.

So where do you think the internet is heading?

Are you excited or scared about what comes next?

I await your comments below.

Until next time,



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