The 4 C’s and Cisco’s Social Approach

More and more companies are integrating social media into their business, but with so many different platforms to choose from it can be hard to know what ones are right for your company.  This week I will share Cook’s 4 C model which helps companies to identifying which social media platforms are right for them. I then take a look at Cisco, a company who set up their own SOCIAL policy for social media.

The 4 C’s

There is a lot of talk about the 4 C’s (and they are not talking about diamonds, sorry ladies). They are discussing Cook’s 4 C of social software which focuses on function rather than the various components or characteristics of social software. Cook explain’s that when an organisation uses social software, the organisational culture needs to be considered when deciding what platforms to use. Cook’s 4 C’s of social software are:

Communication – the platforms that allows people to converse with others.

Collaboration – allows people to collaborate with each other on particular problems either directly or indirectly.

Connection – are networking technologies that allow people to connect with and between each other and other content.

Cooperation – is sharing software that allows users to sharing content in structured and unstructured ways.

Using these four criteria he discusses it depends on how your organisation is structured. depends on what media tools your should incorporate into your business to give the most benefit. The more formal and amount of interaction required by your firm depends on the different social media tools that should be used. This diagram shows which are the best tools for you to use depending on your company structure.


So then what is Cisco’s SOCIAL approach?

Cisco is a company that learnt early on that savvy buyers now use social media to gather information, connect with their peers and share their experiences. This gives companies the opportunity to grow and nurture online relationships. So they created a Social Media playbook so guide employees and the company as a whole on how they wanted to use social media to their advantage.

Their social approach is:

S – Scalable – to train and empower employees and SME’s to scale your soil efforts globally.

O – Open – to lead from the top by encouraging executives to participle in an open and transparent manner.

C – Consistent – to adopt an “always on” mindset to show commitment to ongoing conversations with your audience.

I – Intuitive – to make it easy to connect with your brand and SME by providing easy to navigate web and social experiences.

A – Active – to create and share informative and interesting content to trigger and sustain conversations.

L – Limitless – to be flexible and tailor your plan based on the executives comfort level and consideration to the target market.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 4.52.33 pm

By enabling and encouraging their employee’s to participle in social media and actively listening to the social media noise, they have plans to turn what they hear into value for their business.

You can find out more about Cisco’s social media playbook here.

So tell me:

Does your company currently use social media or are they looking to add it? What do you use?

I find this very interesting as the company I work for has not joined the online world at all (we don’t even have a website).

Do you have a policy for social media use (private and work related) at your work?

I await your comments below,

Until next time.



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